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Useful links

Here are some useful links to local sites but if you can't find what you are looking for please contact me!!

  • General

Le petit bulletin - info about all the events going on during the week, the cinema showing, the special theme nights, etc

Campus Health centre - to get info how to see doctors, nurses, actual address...

Batiment Eve - place on campus to get the Internet as well as social clubs


  • Administrative links

CROUS - people in charge of accommodation for students

CAF - people to get support for your rent

MAAF - one out of many insurance company

SMERRA - health insurance company


  • Academic links

UJF - Universite Joseph Fourier, Science one

Polytech' Grenoble - ecole d'ingenieur where I was

Warwick EUO - home uni to check what's happening, like when do you have to write your exchange report and what it is suppose to have in it...

Warwick International relations - people to get in touch with if there is any problems


  • Transport links

SNCF - train company

Trans'isere - regional bus company

TAG - bus and tram company for around the town


  • Tourism links

Tourism office in Grenoble - for general information about the town

Tourisme en Isere - info about things to do in the region with different ideas about trips, where to find lakes and various other things

Meteo France - to see what the weather is going to be like where you are going

Ski resorts in the region - to maximise the experiences

Ski France - to see how much snow there is and what the resort looks like