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Ok, here is the info about getting around in Grenoble...

  • Bike

A bike is an essential purchase: town centre - campus is about 20 mins and that's probably Velo
the further you will have to cycle for. It is sunny quite often and it can therefore be used
throughout the year (please note that January/ February time is more dangerous because of the ice)

There is a sport fair at the beginning of the year which sells cheap bikes.
They go quickly but I managed to get one ok... otherwise there are plenty of shops that sell them 2nd hand...
There is no need to get a great bike as they get stolen quite easily.
This therefore means that an good lock is more than useful!
  • Bus and Tram

There is both is Grenoble but I mainly used the tram if not my bike...
The company is called TAG

The main campus is well deserved by public transport.
The student unlimited monthly pass costs 23 euros, that is for bus and trams
They are both pretty reliable but the problem is that the buses stop at 21h and the tram at 00h15...
It is a problem when knowing that night life in France doesn't finish at least before 01h in the morning.
Taxis are affordable when there are several people otherwise walking takes at least half an hour from the town centre to the campus

TAG website

  • Regional Buses - Trans'isere

These are good, reliable and not too expensive to go to the ski resorts or other places in the region.
See the "things to do" tabs for the places where I went

Transisere website


  • Trains - SNCF

The trains are pretty good in France and quite reliable if there are no floods, snow, etc... but I thought it was quite expensive. There is a special card for students to get at least 25% discount (up to 50%). It called "Carte 12-25" and it's valid for a year at the bargain price of 48 euros. They also do special offers with very cheap tickets; you just have to be at the right place at the right time!