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Team 2006-7

Message to team 2006-7 from Bill, Angus, and Phil

We would like to congratulate you on a very good years work, and the excellent achievement of getting us promoted to being the Primary team to develop the ESMO Power Supply System. We wish you all great success for the future and hope that your involvement with ESMO will have enhanced your prospects towards achieving whatever aims you aspire to. I pass on the advice my headmaster gave me when I left school, "If your job is to screw in screws. Screw them in so tight that no bugger can get them out again". All the best.

We would also like to thank our sponsors (in alphabetical order!) ABSL Space Products, Clyde Space, Smiths Aerospace, and Thales Research & Technology for all their generous help and support that has been so crucial in helping us gain Primary status in the ESMO project.