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The EPS team visit Prodrive at their composites facility

Three members of the EPS team (Adam Lord, Louise Waters and Felicity Kendrick) went to visit Matthew Bradney, the composites sales manager at Prodrive. After a tour of the facility, we were enlightened about the way that the layering and treating process works, and encouraged by Mr. Bradney's enthusiasm and support for the project.

Mon 29 Nov 2010, 17:16 | Tags: SSTL, prodrive, ESMO

Visit from Harwin

On Monday 22nd November, the EPS team were glad to meet Alex Strothers and Ben Green from Harwin interconnects.

Mon 29 Nov 2010, 17:00 | Tags: Harwin, ESMO

Meeting Joe Wilkie from Solidworks

On Friday 19th November, the EPS team were pleased to meet Joe Wilkie for the first time. Mr. Wilkie is Education Business Manager at Solidworks, and has kindly supplied us with updated licences for Solidworks 2010 (student edition). During our meeting, we discussed the progress of the project and Mr. Wilkie suggested further ways that Solidworks could help.

Our thanks go out to Mr. Wilkie for his advice and support, and we look forward to seeing him at our Sponsors' day in March 2011.

Mon 29 Nov 2010, 16:54 | Tags: Solidworks, ESMO

EPS Team visit ABSL Space Products Ltd

On 16th November 2010, four of the EPS team members went to visit ABSL Space Products Limited, at their facility in Abingdon. The visit and tour gave a very useful insight into the way that batteries are assembled and tested for use in space missions. The team also gained valuable information as to the requirements that ABSL would need to know, in order to “flesh out” our required battery size…

Mon 29 Nov 2010, 16:36 | Tags: ESMO, ABSL

National Instruments LabVIEW Training

On Wednesday 17th November the team participated in a software training session kindly provided by our sponsors, National Instruments. The session covered the basics of the LabVIEWpackage, which we hope to use when the project reaches the build and test stage.

Thu 18 Nov 2010, 09:12 | Tags: Training, ESMO

SSTL Induction Visit

On Wednesday 13th October, the team visited the headquarters of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in Guildford.  They were shown around SSTL's manufacturing facility and met their team mentor and other SSTL staff involved with the ESMO project.
Fri 15 Oct 2010, 11:54 | Tags: Publicity, SSTL, ESMO

EPS team attend SolidWorks training

The new EPS team attended a Solidworks training course provided by Solid Solutions Management last week (4th - 7th October).

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 09:06 | Tags: Training, ESMO

New EPS team start

The new University of Warwick EPS team started on the ESMO project last week.

Tue 12 Oct 2010, 09:03 | Tags: ESMO

Team visit SSTL

On Wednesday 10th March, the ESMO team visited the SSTL offices at Tycho House.
Mon 15 Mar 2010, 11:21 | Tags: SSTL, ESMO


ESMO Team trained on SolidWorks Simulation on the 15th-17th of February.
Mon 22 Feb 2010, 12:38 | Tags: Training, ESMO

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