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SSTL Induction Visit

Team photo

On Wednesday 13th October, the new EPS team took part in a visit to Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., ESA's prime contractor for the ESMO Project.  On arrival at Tycho House, SSTL's headquarters, the team were met by two PhD students involved with the project's Systems Engineering division.  The team were taken to SSTL's Manufacturing, Integration and Testing (MIT) facility, currently based on the University of Surrey campus.  There the team were met by their mentor Rick Kimber, a mechanical engineer from SSTL, who gave them a tour of the facility.  The tour included viewing the facilities' clean rooms, where circuit boards are manufactured in low dust-particle environments.  The team were also shown the solar array area, where solar cells are welded together before being attached onto the panel structure.  The different panel structures as well as the different varieties of solar cells and their applications were also explained.  After this, the team headed back to Tycho House where they spent the afternoon discussing some of the finer details of the EPS system.  The team would like to thank Mr. Kimber and the rest of the SSTL staff who organised the trip.

Tycho House