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Our Solution

The aim of the Electric Vehicles with Sounds (ELVES) project is to design and prototype a low cost and robust External Sound Synthesis (ESS) system.

The ESS system should be able to be retrofitted to any existing EV and also any new EVs to the road. We believe the ESS system must also be reactive to the inputs of the driver to indicate the vehicle’s intentions. The loudness and frequency of the sound emitted will vary according to speed, to ensure that it is detectable within the vehicle’s overall stopping distance.

The ideal sound for ESS devices is still a subject of debate. Many manufacturers and developers have used sounds which resemble conventional IC vehicles, whereas others have chosen quirky clips such as ‘UFOs’ or spaceships. The key difference between our project and it’s competitors is the focus on safety during sound selection and system design, as opposed to automotive branding. The safest sound will be determined using both objective and subjective methods.

Objective: Modelling

Subjective: Evaluation