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Stage One: Online Evaluations
This evaluation will be used to judge how subjects react to certain sounds. The evaluation will ask subjects to listen to 6 different sounds (each accompanied by a video) and judge them for both appropriateness and annoyance that would be caused in the real world. These results will be used to reduce the number of possible sounds down to 3, before the second stage of evaluation.

Stage Two: Listening Room Evaluations (at the University of Warwick)
This evaluation will be conducted at the University campus and will involve more scenario testing with the remaining sounds. In this evaluation, calibrated, binaural headphones will be used to replicate real life vehicle operating conditions. Scenarios that will be simulated include: a vehicle turning around corner, a constant speed pass-by and a one way street with two vehicles travelling down it.

Stage Three: On-road Testing (at the University of Warwick)
The final evaluation will only use one sound. The purpose of this test will be to fine-tune the characteristics of the sound and adjust the positioning of the speakers. It will also be used to assess how the system copes with real world conditions such as wind and rain.

Testing Times:
Stage One: 8/2/2011-20/2/2011
Stage Two: TBC ( late February to early March)
Stage Three: TBC (late March)