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Transverse mixing coefficient measurements in an open rectangular channel


Experiments were carried out to investigate the transverse mixing coefficients in an open rectangular channel under different flow and bottom roughness conditions. Dye was continuously injected into the open channel flow at the centre and the side of the channel. The dye concentrations at different downstream distances from the point of injection were measured. Correlation of the transverse mixing coefficients with the product of the shear velocity and flow depth was developed for four bed types. In agreement with the work of other researchers, the present work shows that the transverse mixing coefficients vary with the product of the shear velocity and flow depth. It was concluded from this study that the dimensionless transverse mixing coefficient remains virtually unchanged under different bottom roughness conditions.



K.W. Chau



Advance in Environmental Research 4 (2000) p287 - 294


Author Keywords: Mixing; Dispersion; Channel flow