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Carlisle Flood 2005 - Project Page


Project Summary

The City of Carlisle is prone to flooding and has been for centuries however the 2005 flood that devastated much of Carlisle was one of the worst on record. This report goes into detail about the flooding and is separated in to 3 different sections.

The first section looks at the cause of the Carlisle flood, the areas that were affected and what the results of the flooding were. It uses many sources to give the reader an insight as to the problems that the flooding caused.

The second section concentrates on the rainfall-runoff processes that occurred to cause the flooding. Data from the Environment Agency is analysed to determine important factors such as lag time, percentage runoff and volumes of both rainfall and runoff that contributed to the flooding. This is done for the Cummersdale catchment which is situated on the River Caldew and also for the Sheepmount situated on the River Eden.

The third section of this project looks at the effect that the River Eden has on the River Caldew and if a change in the Eden’s height has a significant effect on the height of the Caldew.

The areas of Carlisle affected by the flooding in 2005








Project Author


Shaun Wilson

Contact Details

Phone: 01234 567891

Email: shaun dot wilson at warwick dot ac dot uk


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