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Integrated Gymnastics Scoreboard

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Welcome to Top Score's Integrated Gymnastics Scoreboard Website


TopScore Ltd. is a start-up company comprising of six former Engineering and Business Management students from the University of Warwick. It designs and manufactures advanced electronics scoring systems, primarily for sporting events. These scoring systems integrate wireless technologies, remote operation and customised scoring software to record, store and compile scoring data.


Project Synopsis

The gymnastics system required the modification and improvement of an existing, partially wireless scoreboard system designed and built by previous MEng group project students. The modifications largely revolved around updating the system to allow its operation to be modular, improving the hardware by constructing an alignment grid for the LED panels and making the system more portable.


Project Objectives and Goals

The main objectives of the project were to improve the existing artistic gymnastics electronic scoring system. To achieve these objectives, the following management objectives had to be met:
  • Delivery of the system on time
  • Delivery of the system within specification
  • Delivery of the system within the budget
  • Efficient and effective use of resources throughout
  • Efficient and effective planning and strategy throughout
  • Team development and learning objectives met


Project Deliverables

  • A fully operational main scoring system
  • New scoring algorithms implemented successfully
  • Comprehensive installation program and guide to using the scoring system
  • Flight case for storing and transporting the main system


The Team

The team is made up of six engineers who all bring different expertise to the company. Mr Simon Collins (Mechanical Engineering) heads up the team with a background in project management. Miss Sarah Rivers (Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering), with experience in strategic business management, and Mr Simon Collins form the Business Management sub-team. Mr David Sowerby (Electronics Engineering) and Mr Cheuk Ng (Electronics Engineering) form the Electronics, Software and Communications sub-team. David and Cheuk both have significant expertise in software programming using Visual Basic Studio and wireless technologies. Finally, the hardware design and manufacturing team consists of Mr David Pattinson (Mechanical Engineering) and Mr Fred Maxwell-Hart (Mechanical Engineering). David has a background in mechanical design, whilst Fred specializes in materials and manufacture.


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