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Aim/Target of the Software design


The target of the control software is to provide a reliable platform for user to control the master scoring system. It should have the ability to:

· Obtain competition details by reading a excel database

· Allow 2 scorer to enter a gymnast’s score, and verify the entry by comparing 2 scorer’s input

· Display the clarified result to the master scoreboard automatically

· (Optional) Display extra information to the master scoreboard (for commercial purpose)

· Output the score as different format (excel spreadsheet, print out, XML, etc)

· Provide flexibility for developers to modify or improve the software design

As “Not everyone is a computer expert” mentioned by a WMAGA staff, the aim of the software design is “as simple as possible”. It should be easily understandable, doesn’t require any special knowledge to operate, and shouldn’t depend on a single machine (which can be install and operate easily on any laptop). The software’s Graphical User Interface should be simple and clear, which can be operate with common-sense but not with a thick user menu. Also the software should be fully compatible with the current WMAGA’s spreadsheet format, which it can leech details of the competition easily from a WMAGA excel file, and able to produce a WMAGA style excel spread that contain the competition result.


Structure of the design


In order to produce flexibility for developers, the software is aimed to be formed by different modules that have different functions. Thus developers can add/modify the software by simply add/modify/remove modules from the basic shell, and functionality of the program can be modified.

The followings are the essential modules for the master scorer system to operate

· Mainframe – which is the basic shell of the program

· Excel reader – which import competition detail from excel spreadsheet to the software

· Scoring system – which allows scorer to enter scores to the database

· Score clarifying system – which compares the input of 2 scorers and check for errors

· Score displaying system – which display the score on the master scoreboard

· Excel writer – which write the scorer to a excel spreadsheet

Optional can be then developed and add to the mainframe to enhance the function, such as:

· XML writer – which output results in XML format

· Satellite scoreboard controller – which controls the satellite scoreboard




08/01/2009: Something will come up soon...

05/03/2009: Draft updated