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Warwick Micro-Hydro Group Project

Welcome to the home page for the University of Warwick 4th year Micro-Hydro group project. Here you will find information on the project itself, details for each of the group members, and some useful background reading on the topic. To navigate the pages, simply click a section on the left hand side.


Project Details:

The small village community of Hampton Lucy are looking to invest in a sustainable source of electric power, to be run from the nearby River Avon. After being approached by the local Parish Council, tThe University of Warwick has offered the services of an MEng group of students to investigate the possibilities of this scheme and suggest methods for it's realisation. Depending on the financial and technical limitiations, the Council will then be able to act upon the suggestions put forward to them to make this project a reailty.

There are many issues which need to be taken into account, such as:

  • The changes in water level which would occur because of the scheme.
  • The affects the scheme would have on existing river users like the local mill operator or riverside farmers.
  • Methods for extracting the electrical output.
  • How much the scheme will cost.
  • The regulations governing how much water can be taken from the river.
  • Who should control, maintain, and own the device once the project is completed.


Group Members:

Jonathan Bluh
Robert Boulton
Peter Downes
James Evans
Chris Hart
James McLoughlin
Guy Parker-Dennison
Andrew Vallance


 Project Supervisors:

D. B. Martinson
T. H. Thomas


Proposed generator location H1



Proposed generator location H2



The mill situated alongside
the River Avon