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Pair 3 - Management


  • This site is designated as a being in a ‘No Water Available’ area. This means that an Abstraction License for consumptive purposes will not be granted.
  • This also means that normally it would be extremely to get a non-consumptive abstraction license in areas with this designation.
  • On the other hand the Environment Agency’s policy states that they will look “favourably” on applications for non-consumptive licences in ‘No Water Available” areas. Thus meaning that this type of license could be granted for this site.
  • It is going to be extremely difficult to gain permission for any scheme at the large weir. Even if permission was granted, we would not be able to take all the flow at the main weir. The likelyhood is that no more than 50% of the flow at the main weir could be used.
  • From a legal point of view it is recommended to concentrate on the small weir. It is far more straightforward to gain the necessary permission than for the large weir, and there is no legal restriction on the amount of flow that can be taken.