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Role Descriptions

Jonathan Bluh - Group Leader, Financial Officer:

Responsible for the group budget and all group purchases following the school of engineering procedures. Responsible for the submission of Purchase Orders to Rob Olley and sending received Invoices to the EUO. Responsible for the preparation and submission of the group summary Financial Report.


Robert Boulton - Group Secretary:

Responsible for producing meeting agendas in coordination with the group and producing accurate meeting minutes after each meeting. All meeting agendas and signed copies of meeting minutes are to be kept together as a comprehensive record. In addition the role requires the formatting and coordination of group documents in order to ensure continuity is maintained throughout group submissions.

Peter Downes - Project Plan Coordinator:


James Evans - Project Plan Coordinator:


Chris Hart - Webmaster:

Responsible for the setup, maintenance, and updating of any websites which the group will need during the course of the project, in order to aid in the communication between group members. Ensure that all group members are able to share important documents and information easily, and organise these files into a structured environment once they have been uploaded to the group web space. This role also covers any miscellaneous computer related jobs, such as requesting features from the IT Services department.

James McLoughlin - Poster Coordinator:


Guy Parker-Dennison - Liaison Officer:


Responsible for contacting the relevant stakeholders including the land owner, the Parish Council, the miller, the local farming and fishing community and providing a link between them and the project group. The liaison officer will also be responsible with liaising with the project supervisor and the project group.

Andrew Vallance - Safety Officer:

Responsible for ensuring the safety of the project team members, aided by creating the Risk Assessment and Safe Scheme of Work documents. These documents are updated throughout the course of the project in relation to particular project activities. In addition to which this role also involves the production of an Emergency Contact Document that must be taken to every site visit.