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Research & Development

The project will be under constant development. To give some transparency to our work, we will update our progress of it. There are a wide range of tasks to be completed, therefore all members have been divided into task groups. Those groups still communicate which each other to work on an optimised product. Communication mostly happens during the weekly group meetings.

Task 1 - Filters

Members: Marving Ntege and Thomas James

First a model for the code is produced. MatLab code is needed to take data output from the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and convert it into useful, reliable information for the user.

Task 2 - Electronics

Members: Kieran Tang-Wright and Chris Cranz

Components for the IMU have to be selected. Then an electronic board has to be modelled and simulated. Onwards the board has to be optimised and develop a board suitable for fabrication.

Task 3 - Gait Lab

Members: Akshay Chopda, Daniel Booker and Michael Mathers

Research the gait cycle, optimal location of the IMU on the body and general experimental errors in the gait lab.

Task 4 - Mechanics

Members: Daniel Booker and Michael Mathers

Identify device parameters and CAD model the device.

Task 5 - Smartphones

Members: Akshay Chopda, Michael Mathers and Thomas James

General research of inertial navigation systems within smartphones. Analysing the type of data retrieved and how to use it.