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Gait Lab

The Gait Lab is the state-of-the-art-system which is used to analyse the Kinematics of the Human Gait cycle. It is equipped with the Vicon motion capture system which is used to monitor movement through the identification of reflective markers positioned on the user's body.

For the purpose of the project, the Gait Lab is being used primarily for two reasons:

  • To help identify IMU Sensor location on the body
  • To validate the accuracy of the device

As identified through research, the human gait cycle consists of two phases, Stance and Swing, which is shown below:

Phases of human gait cycle

A lower body Plug-in-Gait models used to further analyse the human gait cycle and identify the ideal location for the sensor placement.

Identification of Sensor Location:

The location of the sensors on the body would have an impact on the code developed which uses the detection of the instance of zero velocity during the gait cycle to bound accelerometer drift errors.

Through tests carried out in the Gait Lab, the accelerations experienced on the hip, knee and toe are identified as follows:

Acceleration on hip, knee and toe

The accelerations seen on the toe clearly shows instances of zero velocity as compared to those observed on the hip and the knee. As a result, the best location for the sensors would be on the user's foot.