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Solar Air Conditioning

Welcome to the Solar Air Conditioning group project home page.

This fourth year project is concerned with he developement and testing of a Solar powered air conditioning unit, based on the adsorption cycle.

The Warwick Energy Research Group at the University of Warwick is currently constructing a fixed modular bed thermal wave adsorption cycle air conditioner. The machine is being developed to demontrate both the adsorption cycle and the fixed modular bed system, and has been designed to provide a cooling power of 5 kW with a COP of up to 0.8.

The project team is concerned with the installation of the modular bed system, and implementing the solar collectors into the system. By simulating the cycle in Maltab, we will be able to compare the system's performance with the expected. A control system is being designed to allow the system to be run automatically.

We hope to have the system running with electric cartridge heaters by Christmas 2006, and under solar power by Easter 2007.

Project Supervisor: Prof. R. Critoph

Assistant Supervisors: Z. Tamainot-Telto, S.J. Metcalf

Project Team: Elliott More, Saurabh Jain, Derek Radburn, Sarah Crabtree, Neil Ward, Jennifer Pryke, Justin Padickakudi, Filippo Fragapane


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Meeting Times and Locations:

Tuesdays 3pm

 23rd Jan A401
30th Jan A101
6th Feb F106
13th Feb A101
20th Feb A206a
27th Feb no free room
6th Mch F106
13th Mch F106 

Thursdays 2pm