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Warwick Wave Power - Links

The following are useful sites to visit in relation to this project.



Visit the School of Engineering for more information on the school that is home to this project.

PEATER (Power Electronics, Applications & Technology in Energy Research) is a research group at the School of Engineering that operates the WWP project. PEATER carry out work in electrical energy conversion, from the very small power (mW) levels to very high power levels (MW).

am.gif This project is supervised by Dr. Annette Muetze.  Annette is an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering who is mostly involved with research, but does some teaching also.  Annette has published over 50 papers in the field of power electronics.
opt_logo.jpg OPT (Ocean Power Technologies) are the developers of the PowerBuoy® wave energy converter and kindly sponsor this project. (See sponsors).
converteam_logo.gif  Converteam are a worldwide specialist in Power Conversion and provide custom solutions to a number of industries and kindly sponsor this project. (See sponsors).
 headergeneral.jpg EMEC (European Marine Energy Centre), based at Stromness in Orkney, was established to help the evolution of marine energy devices from the prototype stage into the commercial market place. This project will be using wave climate data from this site, notable for its extreme storm conditions.