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The Project


This project is a continuation of a previous year’s work, for which the overall aim was “To deliver a non-Global Positioning System (GPS) based personal navigation device”. An ankle-mounted device, using Zero Velocity Updates to reduce errors was produced. Further information on this work can be found at their project webpage.

WiNG shall follow-up on this work, with the use of GPS if it is deemed necessary, to work towards an aim of:

“To produce a personal navigation device suitable for environments
where accuracy and reliability are critical”

The objectives of the project are:

  • Improve the current device, built by the previous year, in terms of accuracy and commercial viability
  • Determine altitude changes, such as changing floor in a building
  • Produce an interface for an end-user - for example, an android app
  • Determine motions other than walking, e.g. running
  • Carry-out the project as it would be in industry, in terms of Time & Budget Management and Customer Consideration
  • Attain the objectives for the University of Warwick MEng Group Projects