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The System

Exploration of Solutions

GPS & GSM are the most commonly used for navigation. However, indoor positioning is generally inaccurate, due to the absence of the ‘line of sight’ and signal distortion with walls.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Triangulation provide more accurate positioning indoors. It is still not a viable solution for first-responder, as prior knowledge of the building/area is required, in addition to set-up of the system.

Dead Reckoning requires minimal prior knowledge of the environment. Accuracy can be very good, however is susceptible to drifting errors in the sensors.

Our Solution

Dead Reckoning provides the most potential for accuracy, within the environments that First Responders work in. Using the intertial sensors, the motion can be measured and processed to produce location data, however significant errors can be introduced with this processing. Large swings in acceleration can help to reduce these errors. A location that possesses this property is the foot.

WiNG are placing the inertial sensors on the foot and is integrated into a system for communicating this data with other First Responders and their commander. This will improve the efficiency and safety of the work performed by First Responders. The system is detailed below.