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MSL Project Group


Microstereolithography (or MSL) is a rapid prototyping tool used to produce 3D parts using a photo-curable polymer based resin. More recently, the technology has been applied to producing parts on a microscopic scale. This inevitably makes the process more complex as a higher resolution is required, attainable through using precision machinery.


The project being undertaken is part of Warwick's MEng Programme. The main objective is to modify a provided MSL machine to attain a better resolution. Alongside this, the team will be testing various resins to select the one most suited to manufacturing micro-parts.

A separate site has been created to explain the project in more detail. Contact details for the team members are also available at the site.

Click here to visit the MSL web site (Currently Under Construction)

(NB: Minimum 800x600 resolution and a browser which supports frames are required)