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Conference Award for Underwater Optical Research

PhD student Zahir Ahmed was presented with the Best Paper Award at the recent International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications, held in Lisbon. The paper was co-authored by supervisor Prof. Roger Green, and is entitled “Link Design for Multi-hop Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Network”.

Mr Ahmed is working on underwater optical wireless systems, which could have numerous practical applications. Using light for transmitting data through water, rather than current sound-based systems, is more efficient and secure. The ‘multi-hop’ network refers to a series of nodes which carry the data like a set of beacons, and allows for multiple underwater communications. Such technology could prove viable for military uses or underwater salvage operations.

Prof. Green is leader of ComSysLab, which combines research in photonic systems, optical technology, wireless communication and other related research area.

Pictured: Professor Roger Green with student Zahir Ahmed.

Roger and Ahmed - Optical Wireless