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COOPOL Sustainable Manufacturing Project Announced


Alexei Lapkin, Professor of Chemical Engineering, is the co-ordinator of the new FP7 ‘COOPOL’project (Control and Real-Time Optimisation of Intensive Polymerisation Processes).

Transition of the processing industries towards a more sustainable model of manufacturing is crucial in ensuring continued growth and global competitiveness. Achieving this requires the adoption of novel reactor technologies, greener reactions and an increase in the use of intelligent systems within the processing industries. COOPOL will develop new methods and tools for modelling and control, based on real-time sensing, which will facilitate the development of a new paradigm of intensive, low-impact, sustainable chemical processes.

The focus of COOPOL is on the polymer industry, one of the key areas of interest to the European Chemical’s Industry. A collaboration of industrial and academic partners, including BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, the project will deliver significant improvements in polymer processing producing tangible and exploitable benefits for European industry.

Through its role in the project, Chemistry Innovation will keep organisations up to date with developments in this exciting area and so help ensure EU companies are in a position to benefit from the results and outcomes of the project.

For more information, visit the project website: