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Energy GPP Talks - Friday 16th March

Energy Global Priorities Programme Talks

Friday 16th February 2012

A401, School of Engineering, 12 – 1pm

Raj Aggarwall

University of Bath

“DC Network at Bath”

Researchers from the University of Bath , in collaboration with engineers from RWE npower, have called a truce to a century-old ‘War of the Currents’ having proven the value of direct current (DC) power in a world of widespread computer use, low energy LED lighting and renewable energy technologies. Prof. Aggarwall will present on the work of his team in the field.

Phil Proctor

Energy Technologies Institute

“Energy Technologies Institute - An overview of its activities and challenges faced in achieving 2050 climate change targets”

The ETI is a partnership between global industries and the UK Government bringing together projects and partnerships accelerating the development of affordable, clean and secure technologies to help the UK meet its legally binding 2050 climate change targets. This presentation will provide an overview of the ETI, its activities and some of the key challenges faced within the UK to achieve the 2050 climate change targets.

For more information or to book a place, please contact Kris Pears on extension 51430 or email

Lunch is available for those who have registered by 11.30am on Thursday 15th February.