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Oustanding Student Contribution Award for Engineering Student

Oliver Newth is a 3rd Year Civil Engineering Student, who has demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurialism during his time at the University of Warwick. He developed the 'Lecture App' which is now used by 560 students across the School. His work has attracted positive comments from both academic and ITS colleagues within the university.

Throughout his time at Warwick Oliver has continued to operate his own business as a freelance graphic designer ( to help support his activities, but notwithstanding this he has taken every opportunity to broaden his experience. So in addition to the Lectures App project last summer he also gained industrial experience in civil engineering and participated in WinA.

In addition to this, he was an integral part of Warwick in Africa. Oliver demonstrated excellent leadership skills especially in his work with fellow student Stuart Elliott on setting up extra sessions for students after normal lessons. He was aware of the cultural sensitivities involved in providing differentiated work according to the ability of the Ghanaian students – there is no setting or streaming by ability in Ghana. They therefore set up sessions using stickers to group the students but ensuring that everyone was able to attend a group appropriate to their attainment. They used a wide range of games, activities and teaching strategies to engage and enthuse the students. Oliver quickly established excellent working relationships with the students ensuring that these sessions were always very well attended. Oliver is returning to Ghana this summer in order to provide leadership for the new WinA group. His humility, sense of humour and passion for helping the children in Ghana will be invaluable in establishing the new team.

He has been awarded a University Outstanding Student Contribution Award (OSCA) for 2012, following nominations from academics within the School. Registrar Ken Sloan said in his confirmation letter that the University had benefited greatly from Oliver's vision, leadership, perseverance and professionalism.

Watch Oliver talking about his experience at Warwick by visiting the YouTube video:


Many congratulations to Oliver on his tremendous achievement!