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Thinking about Engineering or STEM as a career?

Introduction to University life

We have put together some useful links to help you find out more about Engineering and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers. If you find other websites that you think we should add to this web page please use the 'page contact' below to email us with your suggestions.

Finding out more about Engineering careers

Engineering definition

Useful websites about engineering careers

Engineering scholarship opportunities

Apply in Year 11 for an Arkwright Scholarship

We have just funded our first two Arkwright scholars, see more about this here.

Apply in Year 13 for a scholarship to support your undergraduate studies to one of the Institutions of Engineering

Many of the Institutions of Engineering offer scholarships to help undergraduate engineering students; find out more here.
Other forms of help offered by Warwick can be found here.

Finding out more about Science careers

Careers in Science has case studies and examples of different careers in science.

National Careers Service has a wide range of different science job profiles, including the starting salary you might expect.

Taster courses in Engineering and Science

It's a great idea to 'try before you buy' to find out more about a University course and about working life. The EDT (Engineering Development Trust) acts a bit like UCAS. EDT work with a wide range of UK Universities to arrange for a variety of taster courses in STEM subjects, not just engineering. You apply to EDT and they allocate the places on the University courses.

Year 11 Inspire course to encourage more females to consider a STEM career

There are still more males than females studying engineering and so this course is designed to be taken before a Headstart course in Year 12 and focuses on the soft skills (set against a science/technology project) so that you'll learn essential key skills to use during your academic career, and throughout your professional and personal life. Warwick hosts an Inspire course each year. Competition for places is high so submit your application as soon as you can from 1st September each year and aim to submit your applciation before Christmas. See

Year 12 Headstart courses to encourage male and female students to consider a STEM career

These University 4-day residential courses were first offered for engineering and have now expanded to include other STEM subjects including Matheamics, Physics and Computer Science. If you are a student who loves science, technology and maths (STEM) subjects and is currently in Year 12 or Scottish S5 this will be ideal for you to help you make up your mind about your future career. Warwick hosts courses in both Engineering and Computer Science. Competition for places is high so get your application as soon as you can from 1st September each year and aim to submit your applciation before Christmas. See

Work experience and placements

The Engineering Development Trust (EDT) also provide opportunities to get work experience and placements.

Year 12 Engineering Education Scheme

These scheme provides 6 month real life STEM projects in industry help you focus on future careers, see

After Year 13 - Year in industry before you start University

It is a great idea to 'try before you buy' and the perfect way to do this and earn money at the same time is take a year in industry before you start a University course. You can apply as normal to University in your final year of 6th form or college via UCAS and ask to defer your place to the following year. One of the easiest ways to find a place is via the EDT's Year In Industry Scheme.

Keeping your Mathematics skills fresh whilst on a gap year before University

If you obtain your place via EDT and are aiming for an Engineering course at University, EDT will help you sign up to Loughborough University's online course, LUMEN, which was designed with the Royal Academy of Engineering to help prospective engineering students keep their Mathematics skills up to date. You can also apply for this if you have found your industrial placement via another route or if you are taking a gap year to travel. We think gap years are very valuable, but we have found that our students' maths skills can get a bit rusty - so we would recommend some homework!