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Engineering outreach sessions

If you would like further information or to discuss our availability, please complete the online form.

An overview of the sessions we can provide to inspire the next generation of engineers.

  • What do we deliver? - our students can come to your school to run sessions for pupils from years 8 to 11. Their aim is to inspire the next generation of engineers and promote engineering careers. For example at Campion School in Leamington 5 of our students ran hour-long sessions for the whole of year 8. There were 5 groups of around 25 pupils, with each student working with a group of 5 to build a spring powered model car. It finished with a short formal presentation about life as an engineering student and a formal opportunity for the pupils to ask questions.
  • What facilities do we need? - a class room or hall with 5 tables and a clear space to test the pupils’ designs. A teacher or school representative to be present throughout each session.The multiple one hour sessions promote STEM subjects to your pupils, with a particular emphasis on engineering as a possible career choice.
  • How does it link to the curriculum? - our students explain why the designs were successful, or not, linking to basic mathematics and physics principles including energy transfer, speed distance time, force mass acceleration, algebra and re-arranging equations and data crunching.
  • What did the teachers at Campion think? 'The workshop from the Formula Warwick students was a valuable hands on experience for our year 8 pupils helping them understand the science they have learnt in a practical application while allowing them to learn more about the applications of maths and engineering.'
  • What did the pupils at Campion think? 'It was really fun to see how we can use science in different ways', ' The students really made learning the material easy and have helped me understand more about how we can use science and maths in the outside world' and 'The student teachers were way more interesting than my normal lessons, I enjoyed it a lot'.


Sample session

Based on previous sessions a day could run as below, but we are flexible to accommodate your requirements:

Set-up (8am - 9am)

Period 1 (9am - 10am): Top set students very able and enthusiastic

Period 2 (10am - 11am): Very able group

Break (11am - 11.20am)

Period 3 (11.20am - 12.20pm): Middle ability set but eager to learn

Lunch (12.20pm - 1.20pm)

Period 4 (1.20pm - 2.20pm): Low ability set of students with some behavioural issues

Period 5 (2.20pm - 3.20pm): Mixed ability set of students but have an enthusiasm for science.

If you would like further information or to discuss our availability, please complete the online form.

Note: We have been advised by the DBS agency that a full-check on our students will not be required, as long as a teacher is present throughout. However, the students all sign the University of Warwick's Child Safeguarding Agreement, before undertaking any activities in Schools.