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Miss Negar Riazifar,  

Research Student (PhD)

School of Engineering
University of Warwick

Room: D221
Fax: +44 (0)24 76 524560

Event-Based Signal Processing in Hearing Aids

Hearing aid batteries have to be replaced every few days. This leads to increased cost due to the cost of batteries and also limits the number of algorithms a hearing aid can implement. Increasing the number of algorithms should lead to better performance. Alternatively, improving the power efficiency of algorithms (but not increasing the number of algorithms) will extend battery life and hence reduce consumable costs. My research aims to develop low power algorithms that reduce power consumption but not at the expense of performance. My main focus is on level crossing sampling techniques for a certain type of signal that is temporally sparse to provide high fidelity signal reconstruction. I am developing a new strategy in level crossing sampling scheme which provides high fidelity reconstruction for real-world signals without exponentially increasing sample number with increasing bit-depth.

Source: Negar Riazifar