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  • Daulton, Emma, Wicaksono, Alfian, Tiele, Akira, Kocher, Hemant M., Debernardi, Silvana, Crnogorac-Jurcevic, Tatjana, Covington, James A.. 2021. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for the non-invasive detection of pancreatic cancer from urine. Talanta, 221, View
  • Tiele, Akira, Wicaksono, Alfian, Ayyala, Sai Kiran, Covington, James A.. 2020. Development of a compact, IoT-enabled electronic nose for breath analysis. Electronics, 9 (1), View
  • Daulton, Emma, Wicaksono, Alfian, Bechar, Janak, Covington, James A., Hardwicke, Joseph. 2020. The detection of wound infection by ion mobility chemical analysis. Biosensors, 10 (3), View
  • Bosch, S., Bot, R., Wicaksono, Alfian, Savelkoul, E., Hulst, R., Kuijvenhoven, J., Stokkers, P., Daulton, Emma, Covington, James A., Meij, T. G. J., Boer, N. K. H.. 2020. Early detection and follow-up of colorectal neoplasia based on faecal volatile organic compounds. Colorectal Disease, View
  • Berkhout, Daniel J. C., Niemarkt, Hendrik J., Andriessen, Peter, Vijlbrief, Daniel C., Bomers, Marije K., Cossey, Veerle, Hulzebos, Christian V., van Kaam, Anton H., Kramer, Boris W., van Lingen, Richard A., Wicaksono, Alfian, Covington, James A., van Weissenbruch, Mirjam M., Benninga, Marc A., de Boer, Nanne K. H., de Meij, Tim G. J.. 2020. Preclinical detection of non-catheter related late-onset sepsis in preterm infants by fecal volatile compounds analysis : a prospective, multi-center cohort study. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, View
  • Wilson, Rachel L., Simion, Cristian Eugen, Stanoiu, Adelina, Taylor, Alaric, Guldin, Stefan, Covington, James A., Carmalt, Claire J., Blackman, Chris S.. 2020. Humidity-tolerant ultrathin NiO gas-sensing films. ACS Sensors, View
  • Tiele, Akira, Wicaksono, Alfian, Daulton, Emma, Ifeachor, Emmanuel, Eyre, Victoria, Clarke, Sophie, Timings, Leanne, Pearson, Stephen, Covington, James A., Li, Xinzhong. 2020. Breath-based non-invasive diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease : a pilot study. Journal of Breath Research, 14 (2), View
  • Lacey, Lauren, Daulton, Emma, Wicaksono, Alfian, Covington, James A., Quenby, Siobhan. 2020. Volatile organic compound analysis, a new tool in the quest for preterm birth prediction-an observational cohort study. Scientific Reports, 10 (1), View
  • Dospinescu, Valentin-Mihai, Tiele, Akira, Covington, James A.. 2020. Sniffing out urinary tract infection-diagnosis based on volatile organic compounds and smell profile. Biosensors, 10 (8), View
  • McFarlane, Michael J., Mozdiak, Ella, Daulton, Emma, Arasaradnam, Ramesh P., Covington, James A., Nwokolo, Chuka U.. 2020. Pre-analytical and analytical variables that influence urinary volatile organic compound measurements. PLoS One, 15 (7), View
  • Bosch, Sofie, Wintjens, Dion S.J., Wicaksono, Alfian, Kuijvenhoven, Johan, van der Hulst, René, Stokkers, Pieter, Daulton, Emma, Pierik, Marieke J., Covington, James A., de Meij, Tim G.J., de Boer, Nanne K. H.. 2020. The faecal scent of inflammatory bowel disease : detection and monitoring based on volatile organic compound analysis. Digestive and Liver Disease, 52 (7), pp. 745-752, View
  • Tiele, Akira, Wicaksono, Alfian, Kansara, Jiten, Arasaradnam, Ramesh P., Covington, James A.. 2019. Breath analysis using eNose and ion mobility technology to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease - a pilot study. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 9 (2), View
  • Mozdiak, Ella, Wicaksono, Alfian, Covington, James A., Arasaradnam, Ramesh P.. 2019. Colorectal cancer and adenoma screening using urinary volatile organic compound (VOC) detection : early results from a single-centre bowel screening population (UK BCSP). Techniques in Coloproctology, 23 (4), pp. 343-351, View
  • Rouvroye, Maxine D., Wicaksono, Alfian, Bosch, Sofie, Savelkoul, Edo, Covington, James A., Beaumont, Hanneke, Mulder, Chris J., Bouma, Gerd, de Meij, Tim G.J., de Boer, Nanne K.H.. 2019. Faecal scent as a novel non-invasive biomarker to discriminate between coeliac disease and refractory coeliac disease : a proof of principle study. Biosensors, 9 (2), View
  • Sari, Wangi P., Blackman, Chris, Zhu, Yiyun, Covington, James A.. 2019. AACVD Grown WO3 Nanoneedles Decorated With Ag/Ag2O Nanoparticles for Oxygen Measurement in a Humid Environment. IEEE Sensors Journal, 19 (3), pp. 826-832, View
  • Yang, Taicong, Tian, Fengchun, Covington, James A., Xu, Feng, Xu, Yi, Jiang, Anyan, Qian, Junhui, Liu, Ran, Wang, Zichen, Huang, Yangfan. 2019. Resistance-capacitance gas sensor based on fractal geometry. Chemosensors, 7 (3), View
  • el Manouni el Hassani, Sofia, Bosch, Sofie, Lemmen, Jesse P. M., Brizzio Brentar, Marina, Ayada, Ibrahim, Wicaksono, Alfian, Covington, James A., Benninga, Marc A., de Boer, Nanne K. H., de Meij, Tim G. J.. 2019. Simultaneous assessment of urinary and fecal volatile organic compound analysis in De Novo Pediatric IBD. Sensors, 19 (20), View
  • Plat, V. D., Bootsma, B. T., Neal, Matthew, Nielsen, K., Sonneveld, D. J. A., Tersteeg, J. J. C., Crolla, R. M. P. H., van Dam, D. A., Cense, H. A., Stockmann, H. B. A. C., Covington, James A., de Meij, T. G. J., Tuynman, J. B., de Boer, N. K. H., Daams, F.. 2019. Urinary volatile organic compound markers and colorectal anastomotic leakage. Colorectal Disease, View
  • Pérez-Calvo, Estefania, Wicaksono, Alfian, Canet, Estel, Daulton, Emma, Ens, Waldemar, Hoeller, Ulrich, Verlhac, Viviane, Celi, Pietro, Covington, James A.. 2019. The measurement of volatile organic compounds in faeces of piglets as a tool to assess gastrointestinal functionality. Biosystems Engineering, 184, pp. 122-129, View
  • Tiele, Akira, Daly, Anne, Hattersley, John, Pinto, Alex, Evans, Sharon, Ashmore, Catherine, MacDonald, Anita, Covington, James A.. 2019. Investigation of paediatric PKU breath malodour, comparing glycomacropeptide with phenylalanine free L-amino acid supplements. Journal of Breath Research, View
  • Lacey, Lauren, Daulton, Emma, Wicaksono, Alfian, Covington, James A., Quenby, Siobhan. 2019. Detection of Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy by vaginal volatile organic compound analysis : a prospective exploratory study. Translational Research, View
  • Rutolo, Massimo, Clarkson, John P., Covington, James A.. 2018. The use of an electronic nose to detect early signs of soft-rot infection in potatoes. Biosystems Engineering, 167, pp. 137-143, View
  • Wilson, Rachel, Simion, Cristian, Blackman, Christopher, Carmalt, Claire, Stanoiu, Adelina, Di Maggio, Francesco, Covington, James A.. 2018. The effect of film thickness on the gas sensing properties of ultra-thin TiO2 films deposited by atomic layer deposition. Sensors, 18 (3), View
  • Tiele, Akira, Esfahani, Siavash, Covington, James A.. 2018. Design and development of a low-cost, portable monitoring device for indoor environment quality. Journal of Sensors, 2018, View
  • Plat, Victor D., Gaal, Nora van, Covington, James A., Neal, Matthew, Meij, Tim G. J. de, Peet, Donald L. van der, Zonderhuis, Babs, Kazemier, Geert, Boer, Nanne K. H. de, Daams, Freek. 2018. Non-invasive detection of anastomotic leakage following esophageal and pancreatic surgery by urinary analysis. Digestive Surgery, 15, pp. 1-8, View
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  • Martinez-Vernon, Andrea, Covington, James A., Arasaradnam, Ramesh P., Esfahani, Siavash, O'Connell, Nicola, Kyrou, Ioannis, Savage, Richard S.. 2018. An improved machine learning pipeline for urinary volatiles disease detection : diagnosing diabetes. PLoS One, 13 (9), View
  • Widlak, Monika, Neal, Matthew, Daulton, Emma, Thomas, Claire L., Tomkins, Claudia, Singh, Baljit, Harmston, Christopher, Wicaksono, Alfian, Evans, Charles, Smith, Steve, Savage, Richard S., Covington, James A., Arasaradnam, Ramesh P.. 2018. Risk stratification of symptomatic patients suspected of colorectal cancer using faecal and urinary markers. Colorectal Disease, 20 (12), pp. O335-O342, View
  • Arasaradnam, Ramesh P., Wicaksono, Alfian, O'Brien, Harrison, Kocher, Hemant M., Covington, James A., Crnogorac-Jurcevic, Tatjana. 2018. Non-invasive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer through detection of volatile organic compounds in urine. Gastroenterology, 154 (3), pp. 485-487.e1, View
  • Bosch, Sofie, van Gaal, Nora, Zuurbier, Roy P., Covington, James A., Wicaksono, Alfian, Biezeveld, Maarten H., Benninga, Marc A., Mulder, Chris J., de Boer, Nanne K. H., de Meij, Tim G. J.. 2018. Differentiation between pediatric irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease based on fecal scent : proof of principle study. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, View


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