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  • Kitagawa, Atsuhide, Denissenko, Petr, Murai, Yuichi. 2017. Effect of heated wall inclination on natural convection heat transfer in water with near-wall injection of millimeter-sized bubbles. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 113, pp. 1200-1211, View
  • Kitagawa, Atsuhide, Denissenko, Petr, Murai, Yuichi. 2017. Effect of wall surface wettability on collective behavior of hydrogenmicrobubbles rising along a wall. Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 80, pp. 126-138, View
  • Tan, Benedict Chuan-Wei, Vlaskamp, J. H. A., Denissenko, Petr, Thomas, P. J.. 2016. Cavity formation in the wake of falling spheres submerging into a stratified two-layer system of immiscible liquids. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 790, pp. 33-56, View
  • Fan, Xiaolei, Ou, Xiaoxia, Xing, Fei, Turley, Glen A., Denissenko, Petr, Williams, M. A. (Mark A.), Batail, Nelly, Pham, Charlotte, Lapkin, Alexei. 2016. Microtomography-based numerical simulations of heat transfer and fluid flow through ß-SiC open-cell foams for catalysis. Catalysis Today, 278 (Part 2), pp. 350-360, View
  • Denissenko, Petr, Guyez, E., Thomas, P. J., Parker, D. J., Seville, J. P. K. (Jonathan P. K.). 2014. Positron emission tracking of individual particles in particle-laden rimming flow. Physics of Fluids, Volume 26 (Number 5), View
  • Warnett, Jason M., Denissenko, Petr, Thomas, P. J., Kiraci, Ercihan, Williams, M. A.. 2014. Scalings of axisymmetric granular column collapse. Granular Matter, 16 (1), pp. 115-124, View
  • Warnett, Jason M., Denissenko, Petr, Thomas, P. J. (Peter J.), Williams, M. A. (Mark A.). 2014. Collapse of a granular column under rotation. Powder Technology, Volume 262, pp. 249-256, View
  • Pearce, N. F., Denissenko, Petr, Lockerby, Duncan A.. 2013. An experimental study into the effects of streamwise and spanwise acceleration in a turbulent boundary layer. Experiments in Fluids, Volume 54 (Number 1), View
  • Denissenko, Petr, Kantsler, Vasily, Smith, D. J. (David J.), Kirkman-Brown, J.. 2012. Human spermatozoa migration in microchannels reveals boundary-following navigation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol.109 (No.21), pp. 8007-8010, View
  • Denissenko, Petr, Didenkulova, I., Pelinovskii?, E. N., Pearson, Jonathan M.. 2011. Influence of the nonlinearity on statistical characteristics of long wave runup. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, Vol.18 (No.6), pp. 967-975, View
  • Nazarenko, Sergey, Lukaschuk, Sergei, McLelland, Stuart, Denissenko, Petr. 2010. Statistics of surface gravity wave turbulence in the space and time domains. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Vol.642, pp. 395-420, View
  • Lukaschuk, Sergei, Nazarenko, Sergey, McLelland, S. J. (Stuart J.), Denissenko, Petr. 2009. Gravity wave turbulence in wave tanks : space and time statistics. Physical Review Letters, Vol.103 (No.4), View
  • Denissenko, Petr, Lukaschuk, Sergei, Nazarenko, Sergey. 2007. Gravity wave turbulence in a laboratory flume. Physical Review Letters, Vol.99 (No.01), View

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