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  • Rutolo, Massimo, Iliescu, Daciana, Clarkson, John P., Covington, James A.. 2016. Early identification of potato storage disease using an array of metal-oxide based gas sensors. Postharvest Biology and Technology, 116, pp. 50-58, View
  • Khan, Atif A., Iliescu, Daciana, Sneath, R. J. S., Hutchinson, Charles E., Shah, Akeel A.. 2015. Principal component and factor analysis to study variations in the aging lumbar spine. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Volume 19 (Number 2), pp. 745-751, View
  • Rutolo, Massimo, Covington, James A., Clarkson, John P., Iliescu, Daciana. 2014. Detection of potato storage disease via gas analysis : a pilot study using field asymmetric ion mobility spectrometry. Sensors, Volume 14 (Number 9), pp. 15939-15952, View
  • Claus, Daniel, Iliescu, Daciana. 2013. Optical parameters and space-bandwidth product optimization in digital holographic microscopy. Applied Optics, Vol.52 (No.1), pp. A410-A422, View
  • Claus, Daniel, Iliescu, Daciana, Rodenburg, John M.. 2013. Coherence requirement in digital holography. Applied Optics, Vol.52 (No.1), pp. A326-A335, View
  • Singh, Jitender, Hines, Evor, Iliescu, Daciana. 2013. Global stability results for temperature modulated convection in ferrofluids. Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 219 (Number 11), pp. 6204-6211, View
  • Abdul Kadir, Muhd K., Hines, Evor, Qaddoum, Kefaya, Collier, Rosemary, Dowler, Elizabeth, Grant, Wyn, Leeson, Mark S., Iliescu, Daciana, Subramanian, Arjunan, Richards, Keith, Merali, Yasmin, Napier, R.. 2013. Food security risk level assessment : a fuzzy logic-based approach. Applied Artificial Intelligence, Volume 27 (Number 1), pp. 50-61, View
  • Ghaffari, Reza, Grosu, Ioan, Iliescu, Daciana, Hines, Evor, Leeson, Mark S.. 2013. Dimensionality reduction for sensory datasets based on master-slave synchronization of Lorenz system. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering, 23 (5), View
  • Yang, Jianhua, Singh, Harsimrat, Hines, Evor, Schlaghecken, Friederike, Iliescu, Daciana, Leeson, Mark S., Stocks, Nigel G.. 2012. Channel selection and classification of electroencephalogram signals: an artificial neural network and genetic algorithm-based approach.. Artificial Intelligence In Medicine, Volume 55 (Number 2), pp. 117-126, View
  • Claus, Daniel, Fritzsche, Marco, Iliescu, Daciana, Timmerman, B. H. (Brenda H.), Bryanston-Cross, P.. 2011. High-resolution digital holography utilized by the subpixel sampling method. Applied Optics, Vol.50 (No.24), pp. 4711-4719, View
  • Claus, Daniel, Iliescu, Daciana, Bryanston-Cross, P.. 2011. Quantitative space-bandwidth product analysis in digital holography. Applied Optics, Vol.50 (No.34), pp. H116-H127, View
  • Borah, S., Hines, Evor, Leeson, Mark S., Iliescu, Daciana, Bhuyan, M., Gardner, J. W.. 2008. Neural network based electronic nose for classification of tea aroma. Sensing and Instrumentation for Food Quality and Safety, Vol.2 (No.1), pp. 7-14, View
  • Sun, Lei, Hines, Evor, Green, Roger, Leeson, Mark S., Iliescu, Daciana. 2007. Phase compensating dielectric lens design with genetic programming. International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, Vol.17 (No.5), pp. 493-504, View

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