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  • Gupta, Shabarni, Manubhai, K. P., Kulkarni, Vishwesh V., Srivastava, Sanjeeva. 2016. An overview of innovations and industrial solutions in protein microarray technology. Proteomics, 16 (8), pp. 1297-1308, View
  • Sawlekar, Rucha, Montefusco, Francesco, Kulkarni, Vishwesh V., Bates, Declan. 2016. Implementing nonlinear feedback controllers using DNA strand displacement reactions. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, 15 (5), pp. 443-454, View
  • Lusczek, Elizabeth R., Vincente, Tyrone, Lexcen, Daniel, Kulkarni, Vishwesh V., Mulier, Kristine, Beilman, Greg. 2015. Metabolic networks in a porcine model of trauma and hemorrhagic shockdemonstrate different control mechanism with carbohydrate pre-feed. BMC Emergency Medicine, 15 (13), pp. 1-7, View
  • Yordanov, Boyan, Kim, Jongmin, Petersen, Rasmus, Shudy, Angelina, Kulkarni, Vishwesh V., Phillips, Andrew. 2014. Computational design of nucleic acid feedback control circuits. ACS Synthetic Biology, 3 (8), pp. 600-616, View
  • Kulkarni, Vishwesh V., Kharisov, Evgeny, Hovakimyan, Naira, Kim, Jongmin. 2014. Load capacity improvements in nucleic acid based systems using partially open feedback control. ACS Synthetic Biology, 3 (8), pp. 617-626, View

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