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Research Students

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Abbaszadeh, MahmoudResearch Student (PhD)    
Ahmed, HishamResearch Student (PhD)    
Amato, SilvioResearch Student (PhD)    
Bae, NicolasResearch Student (PhD)    
Baker, GuyResearch Student (PhD)    
Bashar, ErfanResearch Student (PhD)    
Bishop, ElizabethResearch Student (PhD)    
Bucknall, AlexResearch Student (PhD)    
Chamberlain, TomResearch Student (PhD)    
Chen, ShigangResearch Student (PhD)    
Chen, XueResearch Student (PhD)    
Dai, TianxiangResearch Student (PhD)    
Federici, CarloResearch Student (PhD)    
Griffiths, ElliottResearch Student (PhD)    
Guo, ShawnResearch Student (PhD)    
Hall, MatthewResearch Student (PhD)    
Hu, GuannanResearch Student (PhD)    
Jesus, AndréResearch Student (PhD)    
Jones, RhysResearch Student (PhD)    
Lacey, JosephResearch Student (PhD)    
Li, Yiming (Nick)Visiting Research Student    
Li, DecaiResearch Student (PhD)    
Liyanagedera, SahanResearch Student (PhD)    
Luo, JierongResearch Student (PhD)    
Marnerides, DemetrisResearch Student (PhD)    
Merenchi Galappaththige, NipuniResearch Student (PhD)    
Mifsud, JacquelineResearch Student (PhD)    
Montesinos Silva, LuisResearch Student (PhD)    
Nair, SreerajResearch Student (PhD)    
Pamuncak, Arya Panji Research Student (PhD)    
Paulino, NunoResearch Student (PhD)    
Phillpott, MasonResearch Student (PhD)    
Qamar, FurqanResearch Student (PhD)    
Rajan, SuryaResearch Student (PhD)    
Renz, BenjaminResearch Student (PhD)    
Riazifar, NegarResearch Student (PhD)    
Salauddin, MdResearch Student (PhD)    
Shao, BaohuaResearch Student (PhD)    
Sirilapanan, VasitResearch Student (PhD)    
Song, YumengResearch Student (PhD)    
Sorunke, TosinResearch Student (PhD)    
Thornton, CallumResearch Student (PhD)    
Traynor, CarlosResearch Student (PhD)    
Umar, Al-AminResearch Student (PhD)    
Wu, RuizhuResearch Student (PhD)    
Zarubiieva, IuliiaResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhang, YixinResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhang, BillResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhao, ChengxiResearch Student (PhD)    


Academic and Research Staff
Support Staff