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Research Students

Augusta Adha (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Zeina Al-Nabulsi (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Mohammed Al-Sharif (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Silvio Amato (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Azamat Arynov (Mr)Research Student (EngD)
Lorenzo Astolfi (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
George Atkinson (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Elisa Baioni (Dr)Research Student (PhD)
Guy Baker (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Erfan Bashar (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Elizabeth Bishop (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Sam Booth (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Hardip BoparaiResearch Student (PhD)
James BrixeyResearch Student (PhD)
Alex Bucknall (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Tom Chamberlain (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Zhiming Chao (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Shigang Chen (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Xue Chen (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Zhanbo Cheng (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Hok Yin Stephen Chiu (Mr)PGR (PhD), & Sessional Tutor
Arkadeep Deb (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Iuliia Eyriay (Mrs)Research Student (PhD)
Carlo Federici (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Elliott Griffiths (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Shawn Guo (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Matthew Hall (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Sam Hinmers (Mr)Doctoral Researcher (PhD)
Borong Hu (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Oliver Jackson (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Rhys Jones (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Jos Jordan (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Deema Khunda (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Aziz Altaf Khuwaja (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Marcus King (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Joseph Lacey (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Yifan LiuResearch Student (PhD)
Yunpeng Liu (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Sahan Liyanagedera (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Jierong Luo (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Derek Ma (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Nipuni Merenchi Galappaththige (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Jacqueline Mifsud (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Sonal Mistry (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Sreeraj Nair (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Adam Nawaz (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Taiwo Omitoyin (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Olutayo OmotosoResearch Student (EngD)
Mohamed Orafi (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Merve Oztekin (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Henry Pairaudeau (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Arya Panji Pamuncak (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Gayani Parapamulla Yapa Arachchige (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Nuno Paulino (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Mason Phillpott (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Surya Rajan (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Martin Rebane (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Benjamin Renz (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Negar Riazifar (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Michael Ryland (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Nima Sarmadi (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Carlos Serra Traynor (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Selçuk Sever (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Vasit Sirilapanan (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Ahmed Soliman Khaled (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Yumeng Song (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Tosin Sorunke (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Jan Specht (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Callum Thornton (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Joshua Uduagbomen (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Al-Amin Umar (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Linda Wanika (Ms)Research Student (PhD)
Hollis Williams (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Aaron Yan (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Patrick Zengeya (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Luyang Zhang (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Yixin Zhang (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Zuan Zhang (Mr)Research Student (PhD)
Huan Zhao (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Jiajing Zhu (Miss)Research Student (PhD)
Akram Zitoun (Mr)Research Student (PhD)


Academic and Research Staff
Support Staff