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Research Students

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Abbaszadeh, MahmoudResearch Student (PhD)F411    
Adha, AugustaResearch Student (PhD)    
Al-Nabulsi, ZeinaResearch Student (PhD)    
Al-Sharif, MohammedResearch Student (PhD)    
Amato, SilvioResearch Student (PhD)    
Arynov, AzamatResearch Student (EngD)    
Astolfi, LorenzoResearch Student (PhD)405B    
Atkinson, GeorgeResearch Student (PhD)D100   +44 24 76150465
Baioni, ElisaResearch Student (PhD)    
Baker, GuyResearch Student (PhD)    
Bashar, ErfanResearch Student (PhD)    
Bishop, ElizabethResearch Student (PhD)    
Booth, SamResearch Student (PhD)    
Brixey, JamesResearch Student (PhD)    
Bucknall, AlexResearch Student (PhD)    
Chamberlain, TomResearch Student (PhD)    
Chao, ZhimingResearch Student (PhD)    
Chen, ShigangResearch Student (PhD)    
Chen, XueResearch Student (PhD)    
Cheng, ZhanboResearch Student (PhD)D209    
Chiu, Hok Yin StephenPGR (PhD), & Sessional TutorD229A   +44 24 76524676
Ertan, MerveResearch Student (PhD)A116    
Eyriay, IuliiaResearch Student (PhD)    
Federici, CarloResearch Student (PhD)    
Griffiths, ElliottResearch Student (PhD)    
Guo, ShawnResearch Student (PhD)D032    
Hall, MatthewResearch Student (PhD)    
Hinmers, SamDoctoral Researcher (PhD)D100   +44 24 76151681
Hu, BorongResearch Student (PhD)D032    
Jones, RhysResearch Student (PhD)F420B    
Khunda, DeemaResearch Student (PhD)    
Khuwaja, Aziz AltafResearch Student (PhD)    
King, MarcusResearch Student (PhD)    
Lacey, JosephResearch Student (PhD)    
Li, DecaiResearch Student (PhD)    
Liu, YunpengResearch Student (PhD)    
Liu, YifanResearch Student (PhD)F411    
Liyanagedera, SahanResearch Student (PhD)    
Luo, JierongResearch Student (PhD)    
Ma, DerekResearch Student (PhD)D209    
Marnerides, DemetrisResearch Student (PhD)    
Merenchi Galappaththige, NipuniResearch Student (PhD)    
Mifsud, JacquelineResearch Student (PhD)    
Montesinos Silva, LuisResearch Student (PhD)    
Nair, SreerajResearch Student (PhD)NA    
Nawaz, AdamResearch Student (PhD)    
Omitoyin, TaiwoResearch Student (PhD)    
Omotoso, OlutayoResearch Student (EngD)    
Orafi, MohamedResearch Student (PhD)    
Pamuncak, Arya Panji Research Student (PhD)    
Parapamulla Yapa Arachchige, GayaniResearch Student (PhD)    
Paulino, NunoResearch Student (PhD)    
Phillpott, MasonResearch Student (PhD)    
Qamar, FurqanResearch Student (PhD)    
Rajan, SuryaResearch Student (PhD)D221    
Rebane, MartinResearch Student (PhD)    
Renz, BenjaminResearch Student (PhD)    
Riazifar, NegarResearch Student (PhD)D221    
Salauddin, MdResearch Student (PhD)D209    
Sarmadi, NimaResearch Student (PhD)    
Serra Traynor, Carlos Research Student (PhD)    
Sever, SelçukResearch Student (PhD)D215    
Shao, BaohuaResearch Student (PhD)    
Sirilapanan, VasitResearch Student (PhD)    
Soliman Khaled, Ahmed Research Student (PhD)    
Song, YumengResearch Student (PhD)    
Sorunke, TosinResearch Student (PhD)    
Specht, JanResearch Student (PhD)F420   +44 24 76528168
Thornton, CallumResearch Student (PhD)D229J    
Umar, Al-AminResearch Student (PhD)    
Wanika, LindaResearch Student (PhD)D229    
Williams, HollisResearch Student (PhD)    
Yan, AaronResearch Student (PhD)    
Zengeya, PatrickResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhang, YixinResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhang, LuyangResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhang, BillResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhao, HuanResearch Student (PhD)    
Zhu, JiajingResearch Student (PhD)    
Zitoun, AkramResearch Student (PhD)    


Academic and Research Staff
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