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A very warm welcome to both our new and returning students. I hope you are now fully engaged in your studies and getting the most from your time at Warwick.

It has been a busy time within the School of Engineering during the summer – much of the work will directly benefit your experience.

Professor David Towers - Head of School

Professor David Towers
Head of School

A new Engineering Build Space (EBS) is under construction on the 1st floor in F block – for those familiar with the building this will be where F107/F110/F111 used to be. The EBS will become a focal point throughout your time at Warwick for design projects offering realisation spaces for initial prototypes as well as rapid prototyped components. The builders will be finished by about 30th October after which we will be populating the area with new equipment ready for you to use in term 2. As part of the associated re-organisation there will also be 2 new seminar / computer rooms on the second floor corridor.

Your feedback from last year was clear in identifying that computer facilities capable of running Engineering packages become heavily loaded especially from the start of term 2. The School has recently received financial support to obtain a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide 150 licenses by remote access – this will give full use of Engineering software packages from any internet connection from January 2018, initially for third and fourth year students.

Whilst your experience as students at Warwick may be uppermost in your minds at present we are aware that many of you will view your time here as a stepping stone to your career of choice. To assist with finding work placements the School has recruited Carolyn Toney as Placement and Internship Officer on a full time basis, so please seek support as appropriate.

There are many regular events for you to participate with, please take a look at the Engineering Society’s web pages, and Pizza Café’s will operate in term time, typically on Wednesday early afternoons in Room F1.06 – see advertising for specific sessions. This is a great opportunity, not just for some free food, but it gives you the chance to interact with Degree Leaders, other students and raise any aspects you would like clarification on. You will also get information on events from our Facebook posts and Tweets.

Above all, I hope you enjoy yourselves and I wish you every success in your studies and University life.


Best wishes