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Biomedical People

amor_james.jpg James Amor Neural Engineering
Declan Bates Declan Bates Synthetic Biology
Chappell Mike Chappell Pharmacokinetic modelling/gait
yunfei.jpg Yunfei Chen Wireless communication for healthcare
Chetwynd Derek Chetwynd Surfaces for biomedical implants
Chung Yongmann Chung Computational modelling
Cole Marina Cole Biomedical sensors/electronic nose
Collingwood Joanna Collingwood Trace metals in medicine/ neurodegenerative disorders
Covington James Covington Artificial olfaction/drug delivery
Denissenko Petr Denissenko Sperm motility/fluid dynamics
Evans Neil Evans Systems modelling & control/Gait & Balance/Systems Pharmacology
gardner Julian Gardner Microsensors/actuators/olfaction
Daciana Daciana Iliescu Bone investigation/optical detection
Chris James Christopher James Neural Engineering
Khovanov Igor Khovanov Non-invasive diagnostics
Khovanova Natasha Khovanova Mathematical modelling of biological objects
Mao Ken Mao Finite element method for biomedical devices
Leandro Pecchia Leandro Pecchia Healthcare technology, pattern recognition and telemedicine
Stocks Nigel Stocks Sensory neural coding/cochlear implants
Tardi Tjahjadi Tardi Tjahjadi Image processing/algorithms for enhancing x-rays