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PEATER - Student Projects

MEng Projects

ESMO - European Student Moon Orbiter

Universities from more than 15 countries are participating to construct the first student-built satellites in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). Currently teams of MEng students from Warwick are working on design proposals for the European Student Moon Orbiter (ESMO), a student-built satellite to be launched in 2011. The subsystem that Warwick is responsible for is the Electronics Power Systems (EPS) and is actively supported by members of staff from PEATER.




Read more about this exciting undergraduate project here from the Official MEng website, and more about ESA here.

Wave Energy Conversion

Wave Energy Conversion is a 4th year MEng group project sponsored by Converteam and OPT to design a scaled wave energy conversion device for use in open water. The full scale device would be arranged in wave farms, converting wave power into electrical power supplied to the grid.


Read more about this project here.


Third Year Projects

Lists of 3rd year power electronics projects will appear here as they are released. Recent projects have included:

  • Design of an IGBT gate drive for aerospace power controllers;
  • Design of a domestic solar power inverter.