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PEATER - Vacancies

The following postgraduate vacancies are available:


Novel combinations of silicon and silicon carbide materials for power electronics

Based across Engineering and Physics, the NICHE project (Novel Interlayer Cooling for the Harsh Environment) involves the design and production of a range of silicon devices that will operate at temperatures exceeding 250°C. This will be achieved by combining this traditional semiconductor with silicon carbide (SiC), through MBE, CVD and wafer bonding techniques. Device applications are plentiful for these novel substrates, covering not only high temperature CMOS devices, but also power electronics, solar, and photonics.

The project involves close cooperation between two groups in Warwick with world class reputations for silicon epitaxy and for silicon carbide power electronics. An opportunity has arisen for a PhD student to join this project, to design, produce, and characterise a range of devices, designed to operate at high temperatures. The student will be develop the initial heterojunction materials, designing the devices and continue through production and testing in our brand new Science City clean room. The student would have access to resources in both Engineering and Physics as well as a training programme that would include taught elements from both departments.

To discuss this project further contact: P dot M dot Gammon at warwick dot ac dot uk