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Warwick FIRE

Led by Professor Jennifer Wen

Warwick FIRE is a multidisciplinary research laboratory for both fundamental and applied research into fire and explosion hazards as well as accidental release of hazardous materials. The laboratory was formed by Professor Jennifer Wen in May 2013 following her move to the University of Warwick from Kingston University London, where she established and led the world-class Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies for over 10 years. Supported by substantial funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the European Commission, the Technology Strategy Board and industrial organisations from both within the UK and aboard, there are three main threads in our research activities:

* Fundamental research through model development and study of generic flow configurations

* Cross cutting safety issues related to energy

* Cross cutting safety issues related to buildings and the environment

Warwick FIRE draws on resources in terms of facilities and academic staff from the Fluid Dynamics Research Centre (FDRC), the Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC) and the Sustainable Energy Engineering & Design Research Group (SEED). Academic colleagues from these groups are involved with the supervision of existing researchers as well as the development of new projects. Colleagues from FDRC are in particular providing considerable technical support in fundamental fluid dynamics and numerical modeling. Cross fertilisation and collaboration with these as well as other groups are generating new ideas which we aspire to develop into funded projects.


Warwick Fire

Professor Wen has been awarded a new EU MSCA Grant for “Predicting flame acceleration and Deflagration to Detonation Transition in industrial scale explosions incorporating the Turbulence effects". The project will start in September 2018.

Professor Wen has been awarded new EU MSCA Grant for “Characterisation of Pressurised Liquid Hydrogen releases". The project will start in October 2018.

Professor Wen Professor is part of a pan European
Consortium, which has been awarded a new EU grant PRESLHY, which is aimed at conducting pre-normative
research for the safe use of cryogenic liquid hydrogen. PRESLHY will start in January 2018

Professor Wen has been awarded MSCA grant for “In
situ stress analysis of lithium-ion battery cell (LiB STRESS)". Lib STREE is due to start in July 2018.