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News Archive

Professor Wen started new EU project on Improving Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications (HySEA) through pre-normative research on vented deflagrations.

Professor Wen started new EU grant to study fire growth in external facades and other vertical spaces (FAÇADE FIRE)

Professor Wen started new EU grant to develop electro-thermal modelling of lithium-ion battery packs from the safety perspective (SAFE LIB)

Professor Wen launced the €1.7M SafeLNG Innovative Doctoral Training Program

Professor Wen invited as expert at US Department of Energy (DoE) Annual Merit Review

Professor Wen serves on the Scientific Committee for the 6th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety.

Dr Kazui Fukumoto and PhD student Ivan Sikic completed one month scondment at FM Global

PhD student Rudy Wojciech from Warsaw University of Technology comepletd 10 weeks training with WarwickFIRE

Dr Changjian Wang, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science (SKLFS), University of Science and Technology, China, has been awarded the title of honorary Research Fellow at WarwickFIRE.

Professor Wen delivered a keynote speech entitled "Development and Application of FireFOAM – a Predictive Tool for Fires Based on OpenFOAM®" at the 2013 International Symposium on Fire Science and Engineering, Wuhan, November 16th – 17th 2013.