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Flame acceleration and transition to detonation

Funded by the European Commission, 2011-2014
Warwick Lead: Professor Jennifer X Wen


This project is currently in the one-year return phase stage of an Incoming International Fellowship funded by the European Commission. The Fellow, Dr Changjian Wang after completing the incoming phase under the supervision of Professor Wen at her previous institution Kingston University London, has returned to the University of Science and Technology in China. He is continuously progress the originally planned scientific objectives in collaboration with Professor Wen on the basis of the progress made during the incoming phase which include:

  • Developed a new single-step reaction mechanism for propane explosion covering the entire spectrum of flame acceleration, transition to detonation and detonation.
  • Developed a single-step chemistry and transport coefficient model for hydrogen combustion.
  • Performed numerical simulations form propane flame acceleration along a vented duct containing grid, shock and detonation propagation through a U-bend, pancake cloud detonation, potential for re-ignition and flame acceleration in the exhaust pipe of a gas turbine powered by hydrogen containing fuels.

Shock and detonation propagation through a U-bend.


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