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Integrated safety strategies for onboard hydrogen storage systems

EPSRC, 2013-2017
Warwick Lead: Professor Jennifer Wen

This is a collaborative project led by the University of Ulster with University of Warwick and University of Bath as partners. It is funded under the EPSRC SUPERGEN Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Programme.

The research will start with hazard identification study to assess the potential risks involved. Numerical simulations (fire dynamics CFD and structural analysis FEM) will be conducted on the basis of the proposed enhancement of cylinder fire resistance to evaluate the achievable reduction in mass flow rate. Experimental testing will be undertaken for validation of numerical simulations. Based on numerical and experimental studies the testing protocol for fire resistance of onboard storage tanks will be developed. The research will also include the use of materials efficient for hydrogen storage as a tank liner. Socio-economical study will crown the project outputs, translating the engineering safety strategies and solutions, such as higher fire resistance, lower mass flow rate through TPRD, shorter separation distance, provisions of life safety and property protection, into economical equivalents, e.g. cost of land use, insurance cost, etc. The output of this multi-disciplinary project will aim to inform wider public to underpin acceptance of HFC technologies. The project is complimentary to the EPSRC SUPERGEN Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Hub. Collaborators on this project include leading in the field experts and organisations from all over the globe: UK, USA, France, China, Korea.

Spontaneous ignition of pressured hydrogen release inside a tube with local expansion


The predicted instantaneous temperature contour of a hydrogen jet fire.

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