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  • Our work with 3D printed guns in the media:

As with all technology, 3D printing is evolving at a rapid pace and organised crime groups are seeing the new technology as a potential way to ‘print’ and produce guns and weapons. With the world’s first gun made with 3D printer technology successfully fired in the US in 2013, the DMTL at Warwick has been working with the UK based National Ballistics and Intelligence Service (NABIS) to make sure that the public and law enforcement understand the issue and can put any potential threat in its proper perspective. The results of the tests have shown that due to the variability in printers, software and materials the results of printing such items are highly unpredictable with the implication that if someone were to produce items the result could be complete failure and injury to the user.

3D printed Gun

A video of one of the test firings at the NABIS test range.

after test fire

The results of one of the test firings.

  • Some of the DMTL's work on new 3D printing materials in the media:


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