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Head of DMTL

Dr. Simon J. Leigh

Dr Leigh graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2005 with an MSci in Chemistry with Analytical Science. His subsequent PhD studies were carried out under the supervision of Prof J. A. Preece at the University of Birmingham, focused on the micro- and nano-structuring of metal, semi-conductor and insulator surfaces using a combination of bottom-up (e.g. self-assembly of nanoparticles) and top-down fabrication (e.g. electron beam lithography, inkjet printing) technques. Dr Leigh undertook post-doctoral research under the guidance of Prof David Hutchins at the University of Warwick exploring the application of 3D microstereolithography in the manufacture of ultrasonic imaging devices. In 2013 he was appointed as an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering at Warwick. Email - s dot j dot leigh at warwick dot ac dot uk


Dr Christoper Purssell

Research Fellow

Dr Richard Watson

Research Fellow


Dr Bob Bradley

Honourary Research Fellow

Ed Stefano    

Edward Cant

PhD Student

Functional Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Stefano Laureti

PhD Student

Acoustic Metamaterials

Wangi P. Sari

PhD Student

Materials for Additive Manufacturing


2016 Summer Student

Edward Barlow

2015/2016 Undergraduate Project Students

3rd Year:

Edward Barlow

Melisa Kaner

Elizabeth Bishop

2015 Summer Students

Felipe de-Castro Teixeira Carvalho

Melisa Kaner

2014/2015 Undergraduate Project Students

3rd Year:

Samuel Pearson

Oscar Rogers

Martin Thompson

Felipe de Castro Teixeira Carvalho

4th Year:

Matthew Slater

Asshish Prasad

Thomas Purchas

Craig Mason

Hannah Sugrue

Sarvakam Singh

Jamie Day

Samuel Horn

2014 Summer Students

Isobel Ferguson

Elisabeth Gill

2013/2014 Undergraduate Project Students

Richard Gold

Isobel Ferguson

Peter Morrison

Theo Saville