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Micro-Stereolithography and Additive Manufacturing Lab: Staff

Academic Staff




Dr James Covington

Electronic, Power and Microsystems Group

BEng, MRes (University of Warwick)

PhD (University of Warwick)

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Dr Duncan Billson

Electronic, Power and Microsystems Group

BSc (University of Birmingham)

MSc (H-W)

PhD (University of Warwick)

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Research Staff



Dr Simon Leigh

2001- 2005: MSci Chemistry with Analytical Science (University of Birmingham)

2005 - 2009: PhD - Micro- and Nano-structuring Surfaces (University of Birmingham) - Supervisor: Prof J. A. Preece

2009 - Present: Researcher - Stereolithography Resin Chemistry and System Development (University of Warwick)

Research Interests

  • Chemistry of Stereolithography Resins
  • Advanced Composite Stereolithography Resins
  • Stereolithography for Tissue Engineering
  • Micro-fabrication
  • Surface Chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Self-Assembled Monolayers
  • Self-Assembly 
  • Nanoparticles
  • Electron Beam Lithography

s dot j dot leigh at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)24 761 51357

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Chris Purssell - PhD Researcher

MEng (University of Warwick)

Project Title: 3D nanolithographic techniques for electronic sensors

Research Interests

  • Microfabrication Methods
  • Resin Technologies
  • Stereolithography System Design


c dot p dot purssell at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)24 761 51357 



Max Joseph - PhD Reseracher

BSc Biochemistry with Year in Industry (University of York)

MSc Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry (University of Warwick)

Project Title: The regulation of master muscle regulatory factor, MyoD and Development of high-throughput gene regulation screens

Research Interests

  • Regulation of Gene Expression
  • Microfluidics

m dot b dot joseph at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0)24 761 51357 



Group Alumni



Philip King - PhD Researcher

Research Interests

Centering around potential biological applications of microstereolithography and microsensors technologies. Creation of an integrated system for the analysis of whole blood samples. Use of microstereolithography in the development of novel microneedles for sample collection, and a new micropump design.

p dot h dot king at warwick dot ac dot uk