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Robert Espley-Jones

Robert Espley-Jones M.Phys., M.ScPhoto of Robert Espley-Jones.

PhD Researcher - Improving Non-Dispersive Gas Sensors using Mid Infrared LEDs and Photo Detectors

School of Engineering

University of Warwick




Room: D032

Email: R dot Espley-Jones at warwick dot ac dot uk



Robert was born in Bristol but was raised in 5 different countries before returning to England. Once there, he completed his first and second master's courses in physics and systems engineering respectively, choosing the field of quantum phenomena in solid state physics as his specialisation. For his final year physics project, he studied quantum tunneling in semiconductors, leading into his systems engineering project regarding the effects of light propagation through different density materials.


Robert is currently working on light manipulation using plasmonic antennas, and how they can be used to redirect and concentrate light within certain areas and depths of a semiconductor substrate. This consists of CAD-based mathematical modeling, and reflective and transmission readings using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.


Research Interests

  • Nanoantennas
  • CAD-based modelling
  • Impedance matching
  • Wave coupling