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Constraints to domestic roofwater harvesting uptake in Uganda: An assessment

T. Thomas and N. Kiggundu

30th WEDC International Conference, Vientiane, Lao PDR, 2004

The constraints that affect the immediate take-up of roofwater harvesting in Uganda were; the limited availability of roofing of suitable type and adequate area per capita, the ‘excessive’ cost of RWH components and systems in Uganda and the absence of a supply chain for providing RWH systems for those who want them. The rural roofing constraint is severe and must be either accepted biasing the technology somewhat away from the poorest households or attacked via trials of rival ways of bypassing this constraint. Means of achieving reductions in costs include training, the promotion of the very concept of technology choice, experimentation with rival models for delivering RWH and the use of public/NGO purchasing to encourage more efficient forms of production.


Full paper available from the conference site