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Undergraduate Project Report - Countering Shrinkage Cracking in Renders

S. Moeed (2002)

An investigation was performed into ways of reducing shrinkage cracking in cementitious renders used to line rainwater harvesting tanks. Crack reduction was measured via both leakage rate through the renders and direct measurement of the cracks propagated. Emphasis was placed on crack distribution and how this affected leakage rate. Methods of reinforcing mortar were used, the most successful being wire mesh reinforcement which reduced the leakage rate by a factor of ten. Mesh reinforcement was also the most successful in reducing shrinkage. Other renders tested included fibre reinforcement and an expansive additive to compensate for shrinkage. This investigation was a refinement of previous work carried out by Tom Constantine in 2001 but looking into different methods of waterproofing renders.


Full Document: (72pp, 2.0Mb) (PDF Document)