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Technical Release: TR-RWH 05 - The tarpaulin tank - 6 cubic metre, very low-cost tank for rainwater storage (2000)

Prepared by Dai Rees

September 2000


This Technical Release is still under preparation. In the meantime we have posted a number of photographs that will guide anyone wanting to build such a tank. They are in sequence.

General background information about this tank can be found in Case Studies 20

digging the pit
Digging the pit

frame 1
Building the frame 1

frame 2
Building the frame 2

frame 3
Building the frame 3

Plastering the frame with mud

The plastered frame

Roofing the tank

Lining the tank with tarpaulin

The door of the tank

Termites have proven to be a problem - they eat through the poles of the frame. To avoid this the poles are soaked in old engine oil and the side of the plastered tank is smeared with oil before the tarpaulin is inserted.