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Tracer study on an estuary

A fluorescent tracer study was undertaken in an estuary to investigate the flow patterns of the effluent from a outlet of an Sewage Treatment Plant into an estuary. Two dye traces were conducted to monitor the mobility of flurescent tracer during a half-cycle from high tide to low tide during neap tide and spring tide.

The fluorescent dye was injected within the outlet of the Sewage Treatment Plant. The conveyance of the plume of fluorescent dye was followed down the estuary. The concentration of the florescent dye was measured at different depth using several submersible fluorometers. The positions of observation were obtained from a GPS system. Dye concentrations and the position of observation were simultaneously logged with a custom build data logging system. Fluorometers, GPS and data logging systems were mounted to and operated from a launch.

Contact: Ian Guymer