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Dr Weisi Guo



Associate Professor


School of Engineering
University of Warwick
Tel: +44 (0)24 765 2222

Research Interests

Complex Networks, Wireless Systems, Molecular Communications, Urban Science, Conflict


Weisi graduated from the University of Cambridge with MEng, MA, PhD (2011) degrees. His research expertise is in Information (signals, data, communications) and Networks (heterogeneous, dynamic, resilience). The multi-scale application areas range from connected interacting cities to telecommunication networks to the Internet of Nano Things. He is currently a visiting ass. prof. at New York University, core member of EPSRC DTC - WISC, and joint-coordinator of the Cities research theme. During the last decade, Weisi has spent a number of years working in and with industry. He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers and has 1000+ citations (h-index 15). His research has won him a number of awards and nominations (IEEE, Bell Labs, IET) and he has received over £1.3M funding from Royal Society, British Council, US Air Force, InnovateUK, and the Lloyd's Register Foundation. He is known for his discoveries in complex network modelling of international stability and molecular communications.

Research Projects

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  • Guo, Weisi, Lu, X., 2016. Core identification and attack strategies against regenerative complex networks. Electronic Letters, View
  • Wu, Yue, Guo, Weisi, Yuan, Hu, Li, Long, Wang, Siyi, Chu, Xiaoli, Zhang, Jie, 2016. Device-to-device (D2D) meets LTE-unlicensed. IEEE Communications Magazine, 54 (5), pp. 154-159, View
  • Guo, Weisi, Mias, Christos, Farsad, Nariman, Jiang-Lun, Wu, 2015. Molecular versus electromagnetic wave propagation loss in macro-scale environments. IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multiscale Communications, View
  • Zhang, Haijun, Chu, Xiaoli, Guo, Weisi, Wang, Siyi, 2015. Coexistence of Wi-Fi and heterogeneous small cell networks sharing unlicensed spectrum. IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 53 (Number 3), pp. 158-164, View
  • Guo, Weisi, Asyhari, Taufiq, Farsad, Nariman, Yilmaz, Birkan, Li, Bin, Eckford, Andrew W., Chae, Chan-Byoung, 2015. Molecular communications : channel model and physical layer techniques. IEEE Wireless Communications, View
  • Li, Bin, Sun, Mengwei, Wang, Siyi, Guo, Weisi, Zhao, Chenglin, 2015. Low-complexity non-coherent signal detection for nano-scale molecular communications. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, View
  • Erdélyi, Róbert, Wang, Yimin, Guo, Weisi, Hanna, Edward, Colantuono, Giuseppe, 2014. Three-dimensional SOlar RAdiation Model (SORAM) and its application to 3-D urban planning. Solar Energy, Volume 101, pp. 63-73, View
  • Farsad, Nariman, Guo, Weisi, Eckford, Andrew W., 2013. Tabletop molecular communication : text messages through chemical signals. PLoS One, Volume 8 (Number 12), View
  • Guo, Weisi, O'Farrell, Timothy, 2013. Dynamic cell expansion with self-organizing cooperation. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, 31 (5), pp. 851-860, View
  • Guo, Weisi, Wassell, Ian J., 2012. Capacity-outage-tradeoff (COT) for cooperative networks. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, Vol.30 (No.9), pp. 1641-1648, View
  • Guo, Weisi, O'Farrell, Tim, 2012. Relay deployment in cellular networks : planning and optimization. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, Volume 31 (Number 8), pp. 1597-1606, View
  • Farsad, Nariman, Guo, Weisi, Chae, Chan-Byoung, Eckford, Andrew W., 2015. Stable distributions as noise models for molecular communication. IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2015), San Diego, 6-10 Dec. 2015, View
  • Wu, Y., Liu, Wei, Wang, S., Guo, Weisi, Chu, Xiaoli, 2015. Network coding in device-to-device (D2D) communications underlaying cellular networks. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), London, UK, 8-12 Jun 2015, Published in IEEE ICC 2015 Conference Proceedings, pp. 2072-2077, View
  • Wang, Siyi, Guo, Weisi, McDonnell, Mark D., 2014. Transmit pulse shaping for molecular communications. IEEE Infocom 2014, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, Toronto, ON, 27 Apr - 02 May 2014, Published in Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM Workshops), IEEE 2014 conference, pp. 209-210, View
  • Wang, Siyi, Guo, Weisi, McDonnell, Mark D., 2014. Distance distributions for real cellular networks. 2014 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS), Toronto, Canada, 27 Apr - May 2 2014, Published in Proceedings of Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS), pp. 181-182, View
  • Guo, Weisi, Wang, Siyi, O'Farrell, Tim, Fletcher, Simon, 2013. Energy consumption of 4G cellular networks : a London case study. IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-2013 Spring), Dresden, Germany, 2-5 Jun 2013, Published in IEEE 77th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), pp. 1-5, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Interference Aware Multi-hop Routing in Heterogeneous Networks Date of Completion:2016
  • Nano-Communications for Hostile Environments Date of Completion:2017
  • Social Media Data Analysis for Smart Cities Date of Completion:2019
  • Urban Sunlight Exposure using Mobile Sensing Date of Completion:2020
  • Network Formation and Resilience Date of Completion:2020
  • Stability of Complex Networks Date of Completion:2020
  • Machine Learning for Structural Health Monitoring Date of Completion:2020
  • Molecular Communications Date of Completion:2020
  • Complex Network of Critical Infrastructures Date of Completion:2021

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